[Watch] S01Ep10: Franks Guy

In this episode, Geoff sits down with Anthony & Angela Ramsey of Franks Guy in Spring City to hear an incredible story of faith, family & determination. Shortly after their wedding, Angela was diagnosed with a condition known as Chiari Malformation and has since undergone eight brain surgeries in the last 10 years. Though they could have seen these as insurmountable setbacks on their entrepreneurial journey, they did not let that deter them from officially opening the doors to Franks Guy back on October 7th, 2017. Through their incredibly inspiring journey, the Ramseys have not lost their faith and have committed to giving back to their community. Not only by opening a business, but by helping raise awareness for Chiari Malformation and Transracial Adoption. If you want a great hot dog and a smile that will brighten your day, then stop in to visit the Ramseys at Franks Guy ASAP!

For more info about Franks Guy visit www.franksguy.com | www.facebook.com/thefranksguyco

For more info about Chiari Malformation visit www.conquerchiari.org

For more info about TRA Cares and the work they do in the world of Transracial Adoption visit www.tracares.wordpress.com | www.facebook.com/tracaresfund