[Watch] S01Ep02: Royersford Tomato & Vegetable Co. | Royersford Fence Co.

In this episode, Geoff sits down with “Tomato Joe” Moskal, owner/operator of both Royersford Tomato & Vegetable Company, and Royersford Fence Company. When asked how he juggles these two businesses along with his full-time teaching job, five kids, and responsibilities as a Royersford Borough Councilman, Joe says, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Joe discusses his journey to Royersford, how he decided to use his summers off from teaching to sell tomatoes out of his home, and how he made the decision to go from Royersford transplant to Borough Councilman.

To find out more about Royersford Tomato & Vegetable Company and Royersford Fence Company visit www.rofotomo.com | www.royersfordfence.net

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