[Watch] S01Ep09: Simply Positive Kids

Jill Anoia of Simply Positive Kids

In this episode, Geoff sits down with Jill Anoia, a full-time mom (with a second full-time job) who wanted to teach her children the importance of loving your neighbor and giving back to your community. As a result, she started organizing “Random Acts of Christmas Kindness” or “RACK” with a few friends and their children. In the first year, they had 35 children doing good in the Spring-Ford area. In year two, the number ballooned to 485 volunteers! With that, they founded a non-profit organization called Simply Positive Kids, which is dedicated to “inspiring leadership and confidence through service.”

For more information visit www.simplypositivekids.org | Facebook: @SimplyPositiveKids | Twitter: @SPKids25